TS Sweets will closed for vacation June 7-17
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Baking joy into every bite for over 20 years.

(And sharing her love for good food and great teamwork.)

Trish is a pastry chef with over 20 years of experience in large and small scale baking production, with training in cake decorating, fondant work, and advanced sugar sculpting.

  • Advanced cake decorating and fondant work with Collette Peters, Wilton School, Chicago, IL. 2005
  • Advanced sugar sculpting with Susan Notter, BIC, Baltimore, MD. 2008
  • National Restaurant Association, Prostart Competition Instructor, 2011 and 2012

Trish originally founded Flour Power in 2018, then rebranded in 2022 as TS Sweets! Let's bake up something awesome together!

COMO Cooks

The COMO Cooks Shared Kitchen

TS Sweets is a small bakery operating from Columbia's shared kitchen space, CoMo Cooks. Their missionĀ is to provide accessible, inclusive, and affordable kitchen space for local food-based businesses, farmers, and small-batch producers.

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